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Okay let me introduce myself... I've been known as "Uncle Meat" on the internet for darn near as long as the internet has been around! Yeah I'm an old guy, but not a Mustang n00b! I've owned an '02 GT and an '03 Cobra previously, but I drive a C6Z06 now.

So I'm getting my wife an Ecoboost Mustang for Christmas. This will be a surprise gift!

I wanted to sign up here and post what I'm paying for this car and see if those of you who've purchased a similarly configured car think I'm getting a good deal. Here's the breakdown on the car:

MSRP - $33270
Dealer Price - $29262
Savings - $4008
Taxes - $950.19
Title - $16.50
Admin - $389

TOTAL OUT THE DOOR - $30,617.69

This for a 2016 Ecoboost Premium in Ruby Red with an A/T and 200A option package and 19" X 8.5" Low-Gloss Black-Painted Machined Aluminum Wheels.

Good deal or not?

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