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Black paint scratches, swirls, spiderwebs

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I have been having issues with the paint repair on my vehicle since we took delivery on August 17th. When I purchased the car I found the deal online and negotiated the deal before going to the dealer. I arrived to find the vehicle completely dirty but they said they would clean it so I did the test drive and moved forward. Upon delivery, it was 8pm and dark so the car looked perfect. The next day I saw the imperfections in the sun and called the salesperson. He assured me it would be taken care of.

Long story short, they have tried twice to fix the issues and have made it worse. Before taking the second time I had the customer service team and salesperson verify what they would do to the car. They said they would be doing a full polish. When I picked up the vehicle, it was covered in dust, and when I got home, all of the paint issues were still there.

I pursued BBB and Ford Motors directly, but I'm wondering if anyone else had any similar issues. Quote from detailers range from $400 to $800 but I've never worked with a detailer before. Any help or comments are welcomed.


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Chris - Sorry to hear you're having issues with your dealer and the issues with the finish on your car. Of course it goes without saying that this should be a lesson to both you and anybody out there currently reading this... ALWAYS do a THOROUGH inspection of ANY car you buy BEFORE you sign the paperwork!!! Being dirty and dark is no excuse Chris! Sometimes our desire to get our hands on a car overwhelms our common sense. This is a black car and everyone knows black is THE WORST color for showing even the most minor paint imperfections so you really should have done your due diligence and waited until daylight to inspect the car before taking delivery.

Now that the chastising is over... So you've given them 2 tries to fix the issue and you're not satisfied. First thing I would do is take it to a GOOD paint shop and get a quote/estimate on what it would cost to "buff out" the scratches if that's even possible at this point. The body/paint shop may even tell you it requires some wet sanding or even more extensive work to fix. Take this quote/estimate to the dealership and show it to them and see if you can negotiate a resolution that satisfies you both. Unfortunately you are in a position where you've already signed paperwork accepting the car the way it is at the time of delivery so legally you're probably screwed. These cars don't come from the factory with swirls in the paint so the damage was done by someone who was very careless in the way they maintained the car. This is not something covered by warranty unfortunately.

If you and the dealer can't come to a mutual agreement I really don't know what else you could do? Maybe contact the local TV news department and see if they'll do a segment on the shady dealership? Or maybe park the car across the street from the dealership with a big sign on it saying "Dealership screwed me over"!

Good luck getting this resolved Chris.

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