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Belgium (Brussels) will be ready

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Coincidence or part of a bigger plan ?

New Ford flagship store in Zaventem | Retail Detail
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Im liking where this is going, definitely hinting at the idea of a bigger plans which I can't wait to see unfold.
Hmm, interesting thank you for the link UT. I will however add that I think this is part of the Vignale push in Europe...

n September 2013, Ford of Europe announce plans to resurrect the Vignale name as an upscale luxury sub-brand of Ford. The cars will be visually distinct from regular Ford products and have an improved dealership experience. Exclusive services, such as free lifetime car washes, will be offered as well. The first Ford model to receive the Vignale name will be the 2015 Ford Mondeo.
I would say part of a larger strategy that Mustang is inherently part of. I wonder if Mustang will receive the Vignale treatment? Mustang Vignale has a nice ring to it no ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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