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How are the meters in the middle (replacement of ventilation valves) named ? are they on the option list published last week ?
untamed, I have a feeling those gauges are going to be included in either the premium or the performance packs.

I know the 4 toggle switches on the bottom row of the centre stack will be part of the premium pack. The only reason I say they'll likely be in the performance/Track pack is because if you watch the video there is a topographical map of laguna seca, which if im not mistaken is part of the track apps suite...

I'm leaning towards in the performance pack, because this picture here its clear that there are the top gauges yet no toggles. I know for fact the toggles are in premium pack

Edit: confirmed the gauges are part of the Performance Pack... Oil pressure and Vacuum...

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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