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Greetings, fellow Boosty McBoostface owners! I have come to join you in very engaging conversations regarding this rear wheel drive Mazdaspeed 3 wrapped in glorious, thick gauge, American steel.

About a month ago, I came upon the epiphany that trying to keep up with having to maintain a 1999 Porsche 911 is akin to riding a winged unicorn back in time to undo my poor decision of buying the least loved Porsche of all time - it's impossible.

Anyway, whilst in the middle of thinking back on every single one of my financial mistakes, I somehow came across the Ford Canada website. Immediately, my hand moved the mouse and had the cursor hover over this button that said "Mustang" for a good two seconds. "Ooh! Ecoboost Premium sounds neat!" I uttered, as I dug deep into what was apparently "build and price" territory.

I set about building and pricing this strange "Mustang" thingy. It wasn't too long before I ended up with this Guard Metallic, Premium Eco-something rather. Now onto pricing... "Ooh! Performance Pack!" *click* right, back to pricing... "Ooh! Recaro seats!" Alright, NOW we can go to pricing.

"bla bla trade in...yada yada... financing... zero per...ZERO percent?!" I was flabbergasted; hooked on the idea that I could make payments on this Ecoboob without paying more than what the **** window sticker says (plus taxes and such).

Off to the dealership I went, with the alacrity that only rivals that of a house fly on ecstasy. Stunned, I was as soon as I got in it. Quality isn't usually something I look for in a Ford, but there it is. Interior, clad in leather, soft plastic, aluminum thingamajigs, aluminum-looking thingamajigs. "Oh, what's that? A test drive? Well, certainly! Don't mind if I do!" And then, that's that. Didn't even think twice. Gone was the German mistress that I once thought I loved the very next day, and home was my brand new 2016 Ecoboost Mustang.

I meant to make this brief, which this is not. Apologies. To summarize; I traded in an unloved Nazi mobile for an Ecoboost Mustang last month, and I'm completely in love with it.

I look forward to talking to everyone on here about Ecoboosty stuff. :)


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