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Since this is "wheels and tires" section, figured this was as good a place as any to post this. If you haven't tried the Tuff Shine line of products, do yourself a favor and google it and give it a try. It's like a permanent tire dressing to put on your tires. It is not completely permanent though, as very little in this world is. It's a thin milky white liquid that you put on with a sponge, and it dries to the level of shine you want based on the number of coats you put on. You do have to make sure the tires are REALLY clean of the old tire dressings in order for it to adhere, so the initial job can be a bit time consuming.

Once it is done though, it looks fantastic, and after washing they still look dressed. You literally just use a sponge on the sidewall while cleaning your wheels. I get a solid 6 months out of it, and then add a single coat to freshen them up. You do not have to do the intense cleaning prior to the touch up. The first time I used it was on my Maxima that had already had regular tire dressing put on it, and that was a bear to get clean. Each tire took about 8 passes with the cleaner. With the brand new pzeros on the new stang? Two passes and a third to satisfy my OCD. Oh, and keep a damp rag with you as any that drip on the wheel will dry and then is a bear to clean off, the damp rag lets you clean it right up.

One other tip, when I do the tires, I use four 2x4's cut to about 2 ft long each. Carefully drive on top of them, and you can easily dress the tires all the way around with a nice even coat.


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