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Picked up my new ecoboost on Saturday got a great deal. Traded my 2016 GLI in I'm a tech freak so yes I had the APR. Tune on it . Front wheel drive is only so much fun when all you do is spin tires. Now what some don't get is the car was fast just nothing off the line . Most power is over 30 and I had my fair share of walking 370 and g35 with guys asking what's in it. Now with the ecoboost I get all day but it's not a v8 . I have to laugh because most guys I work with have the old f body 88 body .I laugh because your motor came with a whole 225hp and because they put and exhaust on it they believe there the fastest car in the world. Can't wait to start nodding this. Waiting for the pro cal tune now from the dealer . Next the Borla axle back and will see from there can't wait to learn and here more from you guys I'm in the Charlotte area and I've seen a nice black one with gray and red race stripes hope to run into him around the mint hill area
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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