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See attached photo. After full throttle pull temperature gauge shows hot, car goes into limp mode. As you can see from the photo the cylinder head temps are much lower. After a few seconds the temperature gauge goes back to normal and it's not in limp mode anymore. A few weeks ago we took it in for repairs as mechanic said after a test their was exhaust fumes in the coolant (dye test).
This was the work that was done this week.
Replaced Head gasket, fixed crack in head, valve job, new water pump, thermostat, coolant flush, coolant temp sensor, cylinder head temp sensor.
Last month replaced all 4 coil packs and spark plugs.
Confirmed both fan are working.
The new Dye test doesn't show a leak anymore but the temp gauge is still acting weird and putting the car in a temporary limp mode for a few seconds.
The shop has plead the coolant system from air pockets.
The shop said they've done everything and nothing else can be done and it needs to go the ford dealer. Problem is local ford dealers are backed up in the shop and it's going to be 2-3 weeks before they can troubleshoot it and it's going to be at least $700 to start. This will be on top of the $3200 I just spent on the above repairs.
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