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The Shelby GT350 is one of the most thrilling cars you can buy. Period. Add in the fact that it starts at less than $50,000, and it’s also one of the best sports car bargains around.

This makes the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 a magical car and a very rare type of beast. Here are 10 things I learned while driving it:

This is not a pretentious sports car. The Mustang has always been one of the most accessible sports cars you can buy, and just by looking at it and hearing it, people know this Shelby is different. The result of this is that people freak out and engage you, which they wouldn’t do with, say, a Lamborghini because they assume the driver is a hoity-toity rich person who doesn’t care for the common man.

At nearly every stoplight, people were asking me to rev the engine, dads were pointing the car out to their kids, bros gave thumbs up and mouthed profanities, people walked into poles while craning their necks to look at the car, and other Mustang drivers gave you the nod of approval. One particularly hilarious thing I overheard was, 'S–T! It’s a girl driver!'
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And the car looks great too. But honestly, with the options that are available in the market these days, it's sad that the Shelby actually gets overlooked too much. It really is a very understated car. Perhaps the new model will get the attention that it deserves and start to cement its position amongst the rest of the nice roadsters!
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