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For 2015 the Mustang received one tweak that will change the statue of the pony car forever. I'm talking about IRS. In this modern era of whining the Mustangs biggest detractor was its continual use of a live rear axle, while well and good for the drag racing crowd, driving enthusiasts everywhere screamed till they were blue that they wanted IRS and then promptly went out and bought a live rear S197 anyways...

Well times have changed and Ford has given its icon a real modern rear end. Lets look....

  • New front subframe stiffens the frame while reducing mass, provides a better foundation for predictable wheel control that benefits handling, steering and ride
  • Front MacPherson strut system with new double-ball-joint spindle, enabling the use of larger brakes and providing improved handling feedback
  • Rear integral-link independent rear suspension (benchmarked against Boss 302)
  • New aluminum rear knuckles help reduce unsprung mass for improved ride and handling
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