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2015 Ford Mustang will see new airbag technology

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The 2015 Ford Mustang will see new airbag technology being introduced. The new technology provides inflatable restraint protection in a smaller, lighter package, allowing the carmaker to make the cabin more spacious than before.

The new airbag technology is part of a broader new comprehensive safety system, which includes sensors, safety belt anchor pretensioners and enhanced exterior lighting and twice the number of airbags.

There will be an inflatable plastic bladder being integrated into the glove box door, providing front passenger knee protection just like a conventional knee airbag under the instrument panel. The technology will allow airbags to fit in almost any place in the car's cabin.

"Once crash sensor system detects an impact, an inflator fills the bladder, extending the entire glove box outer door panel toward the front passenger’s legs. Once deployed, the outer door could help cushion impact just like a traditional knee airbag."

The airbag itself is 65 percent lighter and the inflator is 75 percent smaller than a conventional airbag inflator.
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this is some great technology and it was a really good idea for them to debut it in the mustang.
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