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Normally these two do not get along very well on the monkey bars, however with the 2015 Mustang now getting a 4 cylinder EcoBoost option the two may be more similar than we initially thought.

FR-S is quite popular with the tuning crowd and a staple at autocross meets everywhere. The EcoBoost mustang has an interesting opportunity here to engage a new crowd of enthusiasts. Mustang culture is fragmented, GT guys snub anything thats not an 8 cylinder, V6 owners that are that, owners. If thats any indication we can assume that the GT guys will definitely not be EcoBoost fans and EcoBoost fans will not be friendly to GT guys. So EcoBoost sales are going to have to come from somewhere. I'm looking at Europe and Tuners to pick up the slack.

I see an interesting dynamic shaping up between the 2015 EcoBoost Mustang and the 2015 Mustang GT, similar to the relationship the e90 335s used to share with the M3. A simple turbo tune and a 335 will walk any M3 out there...

Scion FR-S:

MSRP: $25,255
200 HP
151 ft-lbs
2758 lbs
13.79 lbs/HP

L: 4235 mm
W: 1775 mm
H: 1301 mm

2015 EcoBoost Mustang S550:

MSRP: ~ $26,000 (expected)
310 HP
310 ft-lbs
~3000 lbs (expected)
9.67 lbs/HP

L: 4785 mm
W: 1877 mm
H: 1380 mm

I really do see the 2015 Ecoboost mustang being popular with the tuning crowd. It is difficult to get a feel for how the two will compare with only specs and speculated specs.

Now i don't think Ford is targeting FR-S as a key mustang competitor but if prices are clustered in the same area as expected they become competitors by default. The FR-S is a great handling, fun little cool car, BUT, if you can hop into an Ecoboost Mustang at the same price point and pick yourself up an extra 100 ponies in the process, whos to say don't do it...
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