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Hello all I am new to the Mustang family after having had my run with a Tacoma, Jetta, Accord and most recently a BMW 335i. My wife actually got me hooked on them as she traded her Acadia Denali in for a 2015 black on black EcoBoost Mustang. Her family has always been big on them, he father and brother have one. After test driving hers, I was hooked!! We live in the northern VA/DC area so the gas mileage and having the ability to whip through traffic was very appealing to me. Not to mention I loved my BMW but it was all engine and nothing else, with my Mustang I have all of the bells and whistles and a very quick car!

Now I am becoming interested in aftermarket and mods to make my Mustang faster. I am anything but auto mechanic savvy so I am hoping to find this venue very useful!!

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