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Originally Posted by Austin Reece View Post
So I've done a lot of looking around, I went to a dealership to compair with other 2015 Ecoboost mustangs and I've determined mine are stock. They don't appear to be cut or anything and the alignment is good. My tire size is 255/40r19 100w. Could the 100w part be what's wrong? My sticker on the doordoesent mention the 100w.
Well lets see... The 2015 Ecoboost could be purchased with 19-inch rims sporting 255/40 tires stock so we know the size is not an issue. The 100W is the "Load Index" and "Speed Rating" so that has nothing to do with your issue either. Let me ask you this Austin, are these rims stock Ford Mustang rims, or are they aftermarket? It's very possible if they are aftermarket that the previous owner ordered them with the wrong offset and this is what is causing your issue.


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