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So let me get this straight. The car has 48K miles on it, but the engine only has 16K on it because it was reconditioned at 32K. So you determined the car needed a 30K service performed? According to the owners manual scheduled maintenance chart, the only thing special required at 30,000 miles is an engine air filter replacement. The next service interval is 100K and the only thing required at this interval is to change engine coolant, replace spark plugs, and inspect accessory drive belt(s). Again, this is all according to the Ford Service manual issued with your car so these are the "Official" steps required to meet the warranty obligations set forth by Ford. Don't let some stealership BS you into a bunch of unnecessary flush & fills if they aren't required. The differential change isn't required until 150K for Christs' sake!!!


Every 20000 mi (32,000 km) Replace cabin air filter.
Every 30000 mi (48,000 km) Replace engine air filter.
At 100000 mi (160,000 km) Change engine coolant.
Every 100000 mi (160,000 km) Replace spark plugs. Inspect accessory drive belt(s).
Every 150000 mi (240,000 km) Change automatic transmission fluid and filter. Change manual transmission fluid. Replace accessory drive belt(s). Change rear axle fluid.

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