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Question 30k service questions

my mustang has just over 48K miles. the engine was reconditioned at 32K. Ford recommended about half a dozen flush jobs, brake fluid and power steering, plus a GDI engine cleaning service, it would have been close to $1200. I decided to do just the oil change/inspection and the differential fluid change. Do you guys think $1200 is reasonable for: full syn oil change/inspection, power steering/brake fluid flush, GDI cleaning service, differential change,etc . The car had the trans fluid and coolant changed when the engine was repaired. each of these service ranged from $160 to $200 a piece. Should I get these services done asap? if so, should I go to a different shop to get better rates? I probably will have Ford do the GDI cleaning service since its an engine service, but I'll wait a little while. I'm just worried since I still have about 12K left on the powertrain warranty, I don't want Ford to make a big stink about taking the car to someone else, because they could use that against me in warranty claims, but since I only have 12K left on the factory warranty, maybe it might not matter as long as I have reputable shops service the vehicle.
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