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Originally Posted by ecostang2015 View Post
I did my first oil change in my '15 after the first 3K I put on it, I bought it with 20K, at 23K I changed it, then every 5K after that I've been changing it, since it is a synthetic blend, it can go 5K, I wouldn't recommend 7.5K
Why not just go by the oil life indicator? My Z06 get's its oil changed once a year, or when the oil life monitor says it's time to change it whichever comes first. The wife's Ecoboost goes almost 10K before its oil gets changed. Today's oils have plenty of additives in them and the old "change it every 3000 miles" is no longer valid. Changing the oil before its time is a huge waste of money and resources. I send samples of my oil to Blackstone labs and have it analyzed on a regular basis. The lab analysis, at least for my Vette, shows I could go as much as 15K miles between changes with no detrimental effects.


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