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Originally Posted by Smegasm View Post
This is what the catch can caught in less than two months on a stock car
Yes I'm sure it is. However ALL cars have a PCV system that recycles oily crankcase gases back into the engine for emissions purposes. The amount of oil you displayed unfortunately has no context. You say less than 2 months and you collected that small amount. Well how many miles or engine run hours was that? If it was just 100 miles worth of driving, then yeah that amount of oil may be worrisome. However if that's 1000 miles of driving it's not anywhere near excessive. While it's true that boosted applications usually create more crankcase vapors than a naturally aspirated motor, that small amount of oil is not hurting anything and has zero impact on performance.

At stock boost levels there's really no need for an aftermarket oil separator on these cars. You're wasting your money.


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